What self esteem is

Today we are talking about self-esteem and what self esteem is , and we discuss the most important characteristics of a person who respects himself and the importance of a person's self-esteem and appreciation.

What self esteem is

an idea of what self esteem is

What is self esteem? What do self esteem mean ? It is a personality trait or characteristic that makes an individual evaluate himself and makes him feel respected and competent, believing in his own worth, skills, and special personal abilities, and it is a motive for generating feelings of pride and achievement. It is considered to be the person’s idea of himself and his own self-awareness, and expresses his satisfaction in the way he carries it and includes his convictions within himself, and his satisfaction with his external appearance, behavior and interactions with others. And in others, it is often a stable characteristic, but it may be affected by positive or negative criticism by parents, teachers, or those around, in general, from preschool age through high school, and in later life, as well.

Qualities of a self-esteem person

1 - Trust: It is one of the most important and prominent qualities of a self-respecting person, and it can be considered the pillar on which the rest of the traits are based, and the rest of the qualities cannot be achieved without their presence. .

2 - The initiative: the self-respecting person takes his steps forward, as well as makes his decisions without equivocation, and believes that he is responsible for his life and does not wait by chance to achieve what he wants.

3 - Cooperation: An individual who enjoys self-esteem is cooperative and united with people, and it is a good quality that is required, because it is the essence of social life.

4 - Mental perceptions: He who possesses self-esteem possesses positive and healthy perceptions of himself, is aware of his weaknesses and strengths, benefits from them, and is able to deal with and adapt to them, and problems do not hinder him as he can find a solution to them. For every problem.

5 - Renewal: As a self-worthy person realizes his weaknesses, he will seek to benefit from them, or renew himself, and turn his weaknesses into strengths.

6 - Leadership personality: A person cannot be a leader unless he has self-confidence, self-respect and respect, because if he learns this, he also learns to appreciate and respect others, and he has maturity and balance in. Decisions that enable him to understand himself and know what other people want or want.

The importance of self-esteem

1 - Avoid anxiety and tension: Self-esteem keeps the bearer away from anxiety or tension, and makes him have the courage to try new things or things.

2 - Raising productivity and increasing achievement: A decent person has confidence and courage, and thus enjoys high efficiency, increased production, and perseverance in work, and also works to increase his academic achievement, so he is not satisfied with stopping knowledge. At a certain point.

3 - Making sound decisions: Self-esteem controls a high degree of decision-making, affects choices in life, and makes a person able to discover his potential, as he respects himself and believes that making any negative decision towards himself or others affects him. Respect my self.

4 - Self-care: People who have quality self-esteem take good care of themselves, so it is counter-intuitive that they appreciate it and neglect it at the same time, and this enables them to strive to achieve their goals and ambitions. .

5 - Facing challenges: The person who appreciates himself understands her feelings and tries to reach what he aspires to, appreciates and respects, and this is the key to success and to live happily.

Methods of self-esteem

Self-recognition: the person gets to know his skills and abilities, what motivates him and what bother him or bother him, about the thing that reassures him, and the thing that causes him anxiety, and answers his questions, and this step will be stressful in the beginning and requires patience, but through it he will Understand his feelings and why he felt them.

Attention to personal hygiene: It is inconceivable for a person to value himself and then keep what offends him, such as not paying attention to his cleanliness, appearance and clothes, just as Islam promotes cleanliness and considers it a part of faith.

Self-confidence: A person will not be able to appreciate himself as long as he is not confident in it and thinks that it is very deficient, and that it is not qualified or does not deserve to take some responsibility, or to do something.

Challenge negative beliefs: A person must try to know the negative beliefs that he thinks about himself and which may not be in him, and work to recognize and challenge them, then get rid of them and replace them with positive beliefs, and these (often negative beliefs are criticisms that the person directs to himself regarding It is related to his appearance, personality, or qualities.

Trying to build positive relationships: If you want to value yourself, avoid everything that offends it, such as establishing relationships with bad or frustrated people who know nothing but gossip and criticism, spreading despair in the hearts of others, and in return we build good and positive relationships with positive people.

Giving yourself a rest: He who respects himself and values her does not cost her money that she cannot afford, nor does he put pressure on her too much. Rather, he works to reward her from time to time by giving her a break.

Assertiveness and learning to say no: He who seeks self-respect is firm in his affairs and makes his decisions, and says no to everything that reduces his value or puts pressure on his energy, and knows how to reject what does not suit him in a decent and polite manner.

Identifying and developing competencies: One of the best ways in which a person seeks self-respect is to identify his competencies, skills and experiences and work to develop them, feeling good about himself, and a sense of achievement in areas that interest him. This boosts his self-confidence.

Self-compassion and acceptance: Instead of regretting what has passed, or criticizing himself when he feels weak and frustrated, which may cause him more harm, he should sympathize with it by saying some positive words and consulting friends or positive people, and acceptance. Its weaknesses and flaws. In his personality.

Self-Esteem Scale

Self-esteem is related to the self-evaluation a person makes for himself, low self-esteem is associated with depression and risky behaviors, while high self-esteem leads to health and mental well-being.

The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale: This is a short test with good psychometric properties, and it is the most widely used tool for assessing self-esteem. To get the result of this measurement, ten statements about self-esteem and respect must be answered, and this scale is common It is common in social tests, and the phrases contained in it are combined with five negative statements and five positive statements, that is, five of them lead to a positive answer to reduce the overall result of the test, while the other five lead to an increase in the outcomes, and each statement has four answers ranging between (strongly agree or disagree). This scale has been translated into many languages such as French, Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi and Spanish, and this scale is used to a large extent in determining self-esteem.
To pass the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, click on the following link: Self-Esteem Test .

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